Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

Get fit, have fun & make friends! 

“You will achieve your goals if you follow the program, plus you will meet a lot of nice people and have a lot of fun doing so.” – Maria, Swedish

Training for a long-distance running event on your own can be daunting.  We know.

But with the right training and excellent support, you will get there and feel great.  Not only that, you’ll get fit, make friends, and have loads of fun.  So why train alone?  Let us help you get to your goal!

“It doesn’t matter what your level is, you find people that are at the same level as you.” – Alfredo, Spanish

Join and you will get:

  • Access to our online community of like-minded runners
  • 20-weeks of training and coaching to get you to your goals
  • Expert guidance and a team of trained leaders to help inspire, motivate, educate, and encourage you throughout the training season—and to keep it a fun and enjoyable experience!
  • Info sessions with experts on running-related topics to help you get more out of running
  • A training schedule to get to your race goal in tip-top shape
  • Fun group hill training and interval training sessions
  • 15% member discount at All4Running in Amsterdam
  • Social gatherings, pasta parties, victory parties, race-day support, destination runs, and more.

Save time and energy.  Avoiding common injuries and setbacks by getting guidance from expert coaches and experienced marathoners who’ve done it all before.  Learn how to enjoy the journey and cross the finish line at your best.  Plus, find new training buddies who will help keep you going and motivate you to be your best.


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 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

Who can join

We welcome runners of all abilities, backgrounds, ages, speed and size — from complete beginners to experienced runners. If you are fast, slow, or in between – it doesn’t matter. There is no need to keep pace with faster or slower runners.  We encourage you to train at your own pace, and if you want to improve your speed or endurance, we can help. 

Brand new to running and need extra guidance and support to get started on the right foot? You’re not alone!  Our coaches and leaders will help get you on the right path.

So don’t hesitate to join us.  You’ll quickly feel at home!

“I find this group amazing because it is  extremely inclusive: any level can join, no need to be a good runner, no strong competition but a good feeling of solidarity and support.”  Chiara, Italian

Who you’ll meet

We’re a youthful, dynamic bunch who are serious about fun!  No matter your speed or fitness level, you’ll find people just like you!  Plus, we operate in English and our members are from around the globe, making it an enjoyable and interesting atmosphere.  Currently, we are a group of more than 70 runners from Amsterdam and surrounding cities!

“I like that it is an international group. It is a really pleasant way to get into shape and push yourself to a marathon!” – Joost, Dutch

 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

You feel inspired and motivated to do more. Plus, there is A LOT of advice and information, especially for newcomers.” – Chiara, Italian

The Training program

Our training program is designed to help you improve your condition, all while maximizing fun, minimizing injury, and keeping you motivated all season long.  At the start of the 20-weeks, you are given a carefully designed training schedule that will gradually progress you to your race goal. During the week you follow the schedule and on the weekends you meet up with the group for a long run.  These group meetings are great for sharing experiences, meeting other runners, and getting accountability.  

We currently have 60 to 100 members, and growing.  Each week we break up into smaller pace groups so you’ll be able to run with others at your level and speed who have similar training goals.  No need to worry about trying to keep up with others who are not at your level.

“I had been running alone for such a long time and felt this was what I needed. Since joining, I can run longer than I have ever done and I have less pains as I run regularly. Maria, Swedish

More details

  • Next training season starts: 23 May 2015
  • Duration: 21 weeks
  • Training days & location: Saturday morning at 09:30 at All4Running, Amstelveenseweg 130, Amsterdam  + (optional) 10 Tuesday evenings in the Vondelpark or Amsterdamse Bos
  • Possible goal races: Amsterdam full or half marathon, NYC Marathon, Dublin Marathon, Berlin Half Marathon, Vienna half or full marathon, Paris half or full marathon, Rotterdam marathon, London marathon, and more…

“I never ran more than 4K before I started with this group and never longer than 30 minutes, very slowly of course. My goal was to finish the half marathon, which I managed to do. :)  I have made a lot of progress especially in endurance.” Michaela, Dutch


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 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

“I like that it is an international group. It is a really pleasant way to get into shape and push yourself to a marathon!” – Joost, Dutch

We’re a year-round running club!

We have two training seasons a year – May to October & November to April.  Each training season starts fresh with a new training program and new running events.  If you’re looking to join us, it’s the perfect time to get started! 

At the start of each new season, members participate in a short run to determine the group that best matches their ability and current level.  Then, throughout the training season each group gradually progresses up to your goal race of a full or half marathon, or a 15K or 10 mile event.  Many of our members have been training with us since we started in 2012.

“If you want to run a 10k, half or full marathon, or just meet other runners, this is a great group to join.” –  Julia, American


2015 membership fee

For 5 months of training and coaching to reach your goals + access to our online community of like-minded runners + tips for getting faster and fitter + special member-only seminars, clinics & workshops + fun in-person group training.

Early registration fee (before 1 April 2015):

  • New member fee to join: € 185,-
  • Returning member fee to join: € 175,-

Regular registration fee (from 1 April 2015):

  • New member fee to join: € 200,-
  • Returning member fee to join: € 190,-

Go on! Join in the fun!


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 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

“I’ve always enjoyed running but I’ve never been consistent and the furthest I’d ever ran before I joined was 5km. The group has been fantastic!  There is no pressure and you can be as committed as you wish but ultimately to know that there are other runners out there to offer you support at every turn has been priceless.  

The half marathon training programme itself is well thought out and the progression to longer distances although daunting to look at is definitely manageable.  For a novice runner such as me it provides you with a set of realistic goals to achieve whilst avoiding injury.  The sense of achievement when you set a new personal record is incredibly motivating and on those not so good days the vitality of the group gets you through.” Suzanne, UK

Frequently Asked questions

The meeting location is a bit far for me.  Will you have a course in another part of Amsterdam?  The east or the west?

Not at the moment, but I can promise that it’s worth the trip to join us.  In fact, in our previous training groups we’ve had people travel from Leiden, Harleem, Utrecht, Uithoorn, Den Haag, even Eindhoven!  Hard to believe, but it’s true!  So if you think it’s far to travel from the west of Amsterdam, imagine the trip these people take just to join us for some fun & running!

A cycle or long walk to the stadium could be one way to boost your fitness a bit more for better progress.  Or you can take the time to listen to some cool podcasts on running, nutrition, or fitness.  Perhaps see the journey there as an opportunity, not an inconvenience.

Hope you’ll join us!

I’m a beginner and I don’t do much running, can I still join?

Yes! We have a variety of levels in our group.  Our “Starters or Re-starters” training schedule starts with about 15 to 20 minutes of running and gradually increases to help you build your stamina and improve your condition.

 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

I run very, very slow and I’m worried that I cannot keep up with the group.  Is this group right for me?

Yes!  Believe it or not, most runners feel this way before joining this group.  Of course, there will always be slower runners at the back, but they won’t be alone.  Plus, you’ve got to start somewhere and having fun in a group is much better than sitting at home on a coach, or out running alone.  

We have a variety of runners and many people who join our group are just starting out.  Each weekend, we breakup into smaller sub-groups based on pace. We adjust our speed to the people in the group, so no need to worry about being too slow.  In addition, we’re a very welcoming group.  We have a more-the-merrier attitude and our happy to look out our fellow runners.  We won’t leave you behind!

I’ve been running for a long time and train at a very fast pace, is this group right for me?

It’s very likely!  We have a mix of experienced runners and beginners and that’s what we feel is so great about our group.  We bring everyone together to learn from and inspire each other.  Our front runners usually train at a pace at or near 5 min/km, and race a bit faster. Most of them join us because they like the structure, they like running with others, and they like the fun, social atmosphere of the group.

If this sounds like you, then we’d love for you to join us.  We also offer leadership opportunities for experienced runners in our group.  If you would like to join us and are interested in helping others by sharing your knowledge and experience, please get in touch.

 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

Is this a group of serious marathon runners?

I’d like to say that we have a variety of runners in our group.  Some are more serious than others about their training and goals.  But the majority of our group is here to have fun and stay fit.  Running a marathon, half marathon, or other running event is their secondary goal.

Do I have to train for a marathon or half marathon to join the group?

No.  You can also join us to train for shorter distance running events, or just join us to come out for a run each week.  We also have a training schedule for people who would like to train for distances between 10 – 15 km or 15 – 25 km.

Is a race entry included?

No.  For the Fall-Winter training season, a race entry is not included.  In the Spring-Summer season, we register for the Dam tot Dam as a group.  We also may choose to participate in other running events as a group; however, you’re responsible for purchasing an entry to these events.

I can’t make it on Saturday.  Do you also train on other days?

Yes.  We also meet for group training on about 10 Tuesdays during the season in the Amsterdamse Bos or in the Vondelpark.  Members in our group also organize runs on other days of the week.  There are also 3 or 4 days during the season that we meet on Sunday for a special running event.  Our members also organize group babysitting for parents who would like to participate on Saturday mornings.

Saturday is our most important training day.  We strongly recommend that you join us this day as much as possible.  Plus, we don’t want you to miss the fun!

Do I have to attend training every week?

No, but we strongly recommend that you join us as often as possible.  If you are unable to attend some Saturdays, meeting up with the group on other days is also an option.  

Do you participate in races during the training season?

Yes.  Throughout the season we include 2 or 3 races as either a warm up to your goal race, or to keep you motivated.  This is an opportunity for us to have fun as a group and for you to apply what you’ve learned in training.

Our training races include the Dam tot Dam, the Midsummernight cross, the Leiden 5K, 10K, full or half marathon, the Egmond half or quarter marathon, the Groet Uit Schoorl 10K, half marathon or 30K, and a few others.  These are optional, but always lots of fun!

What days does your group train?

Our rest days are almost always Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, except when running events fall on these days.  Depending on your level and the event your training for, your schedule may advise to run on some or all of the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

You will receive your suggested training schedule upon joining the group and determining your level.  You can also speak to your coach about modifying your schedule to your needs and preferences.

 Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam

The training season has already started.  Can I still join?

New members can join anytime during the first 2 weeks of a new training season.  After this point, we allow new members to join on an case-by-case basis, depending on your running experience and current level of fitness.

Do you offer babysitting during training?

On Saturday mornings, our members organize group babysitting for parents in our group.


“I am really happy to have joined. It doesn’t matter what your level is, you find people that are at the same level as you. This makes the whole experience very enjoyable. When I look six months back, such a distance looked impossible to me. Not any longer. The feeling of crossing the finish line with all the people cheering you on, meeting your friends and sharing the experience with them has no price.” Alfredo, Spanish

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  Full & Half Marathon Training in Amsterdam    


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